A Japanese scientist and part-time rock musician claims to have invented a ringtone that will enlarge a woman’s breasts:

I don’t know why the sound has to be a ringtone (for cell phones) in particular. I’d be interested in exploring a way to make the sound almost completely inaudible, subconscious-subliminal. To blast the frequencies across a wider area in an effort to slowly increase the bra-cup sizes of all the ladies in my city. Now that’d be scientitfic!

Another manifestation of the Japanese obsession with breasts, this Tora 3 machine employs the mechanical grab-arm and allows participants to fetch from a pile of breasts. I’ve always preferred the hands-on approach to the bosom myself, and I never pay to play. Can’t exactly imagine either what was wrong with Tora 2 or for that matter Tora 1! Doesn’t seem too sophisticated. And what’s with the hay in the background?


[via buzzfeed]

More Asian boob news, UPI reports on a 90-year-old tailor who claims he can make the perfect bra for a woman simply by looking at her breasts. Suggesting his skillful trade can be traced back to age 20, if I were him I would  have adjusted my claim a long time ago to be, I could make you the perfect bra by feeling your breasts!

[full UPI article here]


Second Life has a sex problem, and in particular with virtual sex being exposed to underage users. As such they’ll be implementing a virtual red light district in its digital world – ‘virtual Amsterdam’ is what they’re calling it – and restricting all explicit activities to that realm, in an effort to prevent minors from exposure to virtual PR0N. There’s no specific mention if the non-restricted areas of Second Life will still allow topless women with render-enhanced bosoms, so for now assume it’s a blanket rule.

[via AVN news]


Playboy have launched an online archive of their older issues! It runs using Microsoft’s Silverlight application so you might need to install some software, but it’s so worth it! For now it’s only 53 randomly selected issues from their archives, but hopefully in time they’ll put them all online and keep them available for free browsing! I love that they even have all the old ads in them, and yes you can zoom in very close and read the articles! LOL!!




browse them online at Playboy Archive

99 Words for Boobs:

Savage Erotic Media reminded me about this classic viral video starring many many breasts and the words we’ve coined to describe them.


Chocolate boobs spotted at some Euro bakery: