Sort of identical to what you might find on the television – especially Fox – persistent guests of the HiBoobs brand will recognize that not everything labeled “news” is such. This is old school to many but let’s log this for the records (it’s good to know it’s still out there, online) have a quick fondle look at this boobie game:


Character Spotting:

Lenora Claire, a lady I’m still having lots of difficulty describing in my own way (wikipedia describes her just as ‘art curator, model and writer’ but I see her as more as a cult icon of sorts, but for what cult I can’t yet say!) was recently spotted at the Vanity Fair launch of Character Project in NYC for which she was a … character (that’s what I’m talking about. Her wikipedia doesn’t list her as a ‘character’ but that’s how I see her, exactly!):


(video of Lenora Claire interviewing porn people previously posted here)


Take this concentration tits test for men:


Dita von Teese for Wonderbra:


Dita von Teese, the incredibly hot ex-everything of the incredibly lame Marilyn Manson is the new spokeswoman for Wonderbra, the famous pusher-upper of B-cups into C-cups and C-cups into convincing D-cups (even I’ve been fooled by that one!). They’ve even gone ahead and produced a brand new website, Sexy Science, to promote Dita’s boobs and by extension, their product.


For once some real world-class boob news, Dolly Buster, the 39-year old 38-23-35 fake boober was today awarded Germany’s top honor as that country’s hottest porn star, beating Gina Wild by a mere half-percentage point, reports BILD (sort of pop culture news for Germany in English with lots of outlinks and comments in some foreign language, probably German). Germans clearly don’t consider age a factor in voting for their Favorites, as Wild is nearly a decade younger. Let me tell you too, I’ve been to parts of Germany before and it’s true, they love their pornstars and they love them busty! Even in smaller cities throughout the south of Deutschland I recall walk-in porno stalls (not stores, stalls!) with Dolly Buster cardboard cutouts as a suggestion for what might await – or in some cases lurk – inside! It was hit and miss but Dolly was clearly a contemporary porn image icon even a decade ago, and still remains so given her award. I tip my happy hat to her!


Mexicans staying indoors to avoid contracting swine flu had something to ogle at and drool over while waiting for the hysteria to die down:

her name is Keren Rios. BLAMO! I just got man-smudge on my wide-screen.