XX-mas is neigh. And while I start shopping (yeah, I’m a slacker like that; plus I usually hand-craft a fair portion of my gifts) now for friends, I’m reminded of this set featuring Cherry and her 36G naturals from XX-Cel. While clearly shot after-hours, it raises the question about commodity fetishism and boob fetishism. I don’t know about you, but hell yes I’ve bought things in my time simply because the sales-bird had a wobbly pair of natural juggs. I can’t recall flirting with a boot-seller or shoe slinger, but I know this lady in my city who sells DVDs on the cheap, and I tell you she’s about 10 inches shorter than me and wears these v-cut shirts that reveal as much flesh as legally possible. She sells at a nearby plaza and has a waist-high display counter, so she routinely conveniently leans forward to suggest… what I like to watch.