Brooke Wylde’s Casting Couch Scene is Wild Indeed!

Brooke Wylde casting-07

Casting Couch X is like the perfect lesson in how to literally charm the pants off of a babe – granted she thinks she’s auditioning with her brains for getting into porn, when in actuality in porn you only get fucked – and expose their innocent nature, and then expose their orifices, and finally fuck her! And some of these techniques are textbook. Even now I’m trying to remember her name – the roommate of an ex-girlfriend of mine, my gf had to run a work errand one night and I was in from another town, we got talking and at first I thought I was only complimenting my gf’s roomie. Then I realized she was receptive to it, so I kept complimenting and flirting and charming her. Even now I can’t remember what her name was… starts with a M … I think… fuck, I can’t remember. And that was one of the best nights of my life loL!! She had some G-cup implants but hid them well, always wearing loose-fitting tops, never showing cleavage, but clearly had some big boulders under her tops. We fucked twice in the matter of hours – including once on their living room couch – and I went a third time with my girlfriend the next morning when we woke up!! That was, well, 12 years ago – holy crap that was a long time ago now! Jenny was my then-gf’s name, but damned if I can’t remember her roommate’s name loL!!