Attention all Sunday pervs! Attention!

Yes, it’s true, I’m up at 7am and looking at porn this early. The real question is why aren’t you doing the same? No seriously I had a long night and I think I can still hear the sound system thumping in my head. But I wrote a reminder to myself to remind myself [sic] about this one. It should have been a Friday Find. But like I mentioned now it’s Sunday. Either way, who is she? Does anybody know?

I can’t even remember where this one came from. I think it was from some Russian blog, so chances are she’s some performer from the Old Country (I’m not Russian, but all of those countries waaaay over there are the Old Country!). I love the juxtaposition of the large studded shoe-chair next to the large babe with the large shoes. Great fetishist combo! And her red coordination is downright sexy!

I know I know she has more around her waist than she does up top, but her rump appears perfectly round and smooth, and with those nipples nearly hanging down to her belly button and pointing straight down, I guess I have this vision of her sitting on me, crushing me, and the view from below of her weight in motion. Hey, I’m a fetishist, damnit!