#carrypenunderbreast: This Craze Passed Me By

I’ve been offline for a while, sure. But I guess while I was gone this internet-craze happened, and I was completely unaware. Beginning in Japan but taking China by storm, women were attempting to prove the emerging size growth of their natural busts by taking pictures of “#carrypenunderbreast” – including everything from pens (the primary culprit, per the name of the hashtag) to makeup accoutrements and even water bottles.

Honestly I don’t get it. I mean I like it! But even I don’t get it. I guess in China it’s a thing, given their historically small-cupped women – something that Imperial Japan has been beating them at for years now. I’m pretty sure the craze is relatively dead, especially since the hashtag has been hijacked by sunglasses vendors and spam-bots; but the Instagram user underboobchallenge has taken up the mantle to keep their stream clean of spam and post fresh photos – I’d lambaste their efforts as useless but they’re soliciting donations for cancer research, so that I can support!

One of those animation news sites made an OK video report on the whole craze: