Catching up with Dirtylalitaxx

Did anyone else catch that footlong dildo-session by Dirtylalitaxx aka ‘Busty Barbara’ recently on Chaturbate? Babe totally knows how to tease with those giant Columbian juggs of hers, and that gaping-mouth stare that she’s more or less perfected, always slightly askew from directly looking into the webcam lens.




Then she sent one more text message before wanking off all hot and bothered like WOW!!

Not all of her sessions are fully exposed, but even then it’s worth a watch with those absolutely hard nipples poking through:

And lastly it’s not my style to tease you all this time without some moving image satisfaction. Click the image below to download one of her 8-minute topless screencap clips. Good god I wish some agency would scoop her up!