When Cheron broke through last year with TopHeavyAmateurs she was a paltry 32K cup boober. Paltry by comparison to the current 32MM bra she now sports! Yeah, 32MM. I mean I’ve seen some big tits in my life. Usually on girls with big hips but that’s kind of how the ratios normally work, and I’m not complaining! But Cheron with her otherwise average body frame could have proportionately the biggest natural tits around. Tits that each weigh in the double-digits!


I’m happy when I’m bench-pressing a total of 10 pounds of tit-flesh, that is a good night indeed! But 10 pounds each? Over 20 pounds total? I’m gonna go lift some weights now just to get an idea of how much boob flesh that would actually be, so thanks TopHeavyAmateurs for making me a stronger pervert!