For whatever reason (I’m sure some perv has written a PhD thesis on the subject) the 70s and 80s were an era of tits-sploitation on film. And by “80s” I mean early 80s – by the late 80s the Bill & Ted genre had emerged and taken over the American subconscious. But for a brief blip in time there were more tits-than-apes on film, and some relatively “mainstream underground” (if they can be called that) films had woven their way into Betamax and then VHS decks across America – here are some classic Cinemacuts BOOBS:


Nadine De Rangot in Die Mädchenhändler (1972)

Babette Bardot in Mondo Topless (1966)

(I featured GIFS from this video this month last year, here)

Sharon Westover in Sheer Panties (1979)

Kay Parker in Too Hot to Touch (1987)

Annie Sprinkle in Satan Was a Lady (1975)

Lisa De Leeuw: Screws The Stars

Nathalie Morin in Sensations (1975)

Monique Carrère in La Vorace (1980)

Kitten Natividad in Sheer Panties (1979)

some random boobers from random films – the “oh no my bikini top just got pulled off” was an especially popular trope:

Harimu Ogen (1985)

Screwballs (1983)

Sex Maniac’s Guide to the USA (1982)

  • Jjj

    In this age of so much fake, this vintage taste is fascinating 

  • ca uk

    ahh the memories,, 57 so remember these days well