Sometimes I don’t even need to do anything. Big tit porn just comes to me! And sometimes as much as I like to write, this stuff writes itself! Such is the case with big titty southern MILF Claudia Marie, her 38DDs to be precise, and her most-recent update featuring the “CoctoMom”. Her webmaster writes,

Big tit prostitute Claudia-Marie shows up for a job and discovers she has been hired by famous porn star Vannah Sterling aka “The CoctoMom”! Turns out that The CoctoMom wants to have another baby but has decided to pay Claudia-Marie to get pregnant with Rico Shades so she doesn’t have to ruin her own body. But first she orders Claudia-Marie to service her wet pussy. Then she brings in Rico Shades and works over Claudia’s giant saggy tits while Rico Shades drills her with his big black cock before planting his black seed deep inside her shaved pussy

I think the only shame is they don’t use the word “Fucking” enough. Because that’s what Claudia Marie is good at and that’s what she does – she does it well and she does it especially well in this scene! With particular appreciation to her aforementioned 38DDs and her desires – demands even – for them to be squeezed and groped at all times! I can’t think of a scene-cut where Claudia isn’t begging for her big tits to be felt up! Oh yeah, Claudia Marie wins!


  • Josh

    Jeez, Claudia Marie takes a lot of black cum in her pussy. It’s great but doesn’t she run the risk of catching something. I don’t think there’s any other whore on the net who takes as many creampies as her.

  • admin

    yeah man, all for your and my pervy entertainment! She sure is one world-class slut!

  • Chris

    I like it… She’s a nasty slut, and I love watching nasty sluts taking big, black dicks!

  • admin

    @Chris, I’ll keep that in mind mate, and try and bring you more nasty sluts!