Around a month ago Danica Danali reported the ‘big news’ on her YouTube channel that she would indeed be doing an upcoming hardcore scene. I wanted to report on the ‘news’ at the time, but for whatever reason I held off – but it was for the best, because now I have something to show for it! The specifics of course – per her video below – don’t really matter. That is, what studio did she fuck first with, or which was released sooner. I forget the release dates myself, but either way it’s a good, BIG splash into the hardcore arena! XL Girls of course always do it right – they did a fabulous job with her make-up and she really looks like she’s having fun with their stud; but of course the BBW Dreams scene is simply incredible, and her ginormous rump and bosom are really paid close attention to, it’s a truly marvelous breakthrough debut!

And there’s something about Danica’s face and figure that reminds me of a fling from my own past – Mary B. – so that’s a nice coincidence when watching Danica in action and reminiscing over my own experiences with a similarly built 5’8″ 235lbs. plumper! Top off those stats with a natural pair of 38Js and yup, she’s a winner!