It’s not like I’ve bent intent on keeping all the best random big-boob images to myself, I’ve just been swamped with life and work these past few weeks and have slipped with my routine Friday Finds updates. I apologize. I am here! And I have a LOT of finds I know nothing about. So I’m making up for a few missed weeks with this post, these boobs. Let’s start with the image above…  8-O ! Dear lord. Those boobs – and face – have to be recognizable, I’m depending on you. I’ve said it before, I’ll avow again, I’m not too good with knowing (or remembering once I know) the names of my Asian boobers. Likewise, here’s another:

I love the strong shadow on the boobs from the flash, which helps define the size and erectness of her nipples! Wonderful!

And as I said, I’m making up for lost time, so here’s an image that’s a sure-fire winner:

Continuing on, this is a girl I think I’ve posted before, maybe from the same series but even I’m not sure and I can’t find her right now in my own archives:

This is one of those images that is probably forever alone. I know nothing of the context or the girl, but if you do please, let us know:

This is a Myspace girl. I only know this because of the naming sequence of the image itself – “l_aeecad3392b24a01a89619308246dc7a” – but I don’t know how to find more than that:

And finally, a more-classic Friday Finds image. Someone must know more about this lovely MILFy boober. And yes, she is bound and chained (!):

  • great pics! I like the girl in the white shirt getting her boobs grabbed from behind, looks like fun!

  • a fistfull of delights ?

  • terence

    who is the asian woman? she is amazing, i need a name!! please

  • admin

    @Eddie, thanks! yeah, given that scene I reckon there must be more of this moment out there!

    @siddhartha, good one!

    @terence, I wish I knew man! that’s why I do these Friday Finds, in the hope someone else will enlighten us both!

  • Tiger

    the girl in blue is a famous japanese gravure idol Nonami Takizawa

  • admin

    thanks Tiger! I know I’ve seen her face before, but I just didn’t have a name! cheers.

  • Dude

    Milfy boober all tied up is Moyra Melons

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the name Dude.

  • colin

    milf in bondage….wet dream