Do not let the post title or the starry map-like image above confuse you, I am not completely off my rocker – yet!

Rather, the highly clever folk over at CandyCrib have whipped together the smartest use of pixels since Space Invaders with their Million Pixel Reveal starring their newly acquired exclusive talent Princess Aurora and her massive 32 double-G natural boobs. As the tease title of their campaign suggests, they’re trying to acquire one million revealed pixels and then Princess Aurora herself will go topless! And those one million pixels are revealed whenever anyone visits their website, as well as when CandyCrib gets mentioned on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook – since my posts get automatically posted to Twitter, thus I included their name in my post title not once or twice but thrice! I’m doing my part to reveal Aurora’s boobs!

I guess by now it’d be a good idea to show you what you’d be fighting for, huh?

Well my pervy soldier, feast your eyes upon this beauty:


And yes, you read me right, 32GG and allllllll-natural! At first glance of course it’s hard to not notice her giant bust, but there’s also her big luscious lips, her powerful eyes, and prominent nose that combine for a stunning set of facial features! Complimented by her abundance of hair and overall voluptuous form, Aurora is a total sex bomb!


She’s clearly been working towards this for some time, and I know we can get this girl a million hits, I know we can! So click here to help her out!