There’s something about Elaina’s tiny but perky nipples and petite areola atop her ginormous 34N natural breasts – oh yeah, now I know what it is, I WANT TO SUCK THEM! Scoreland sure have an exclusive winner on their hands with her – and in this tight top tryout video she really pushes her shirts to the max. I have a friend of mine with Double-G-cup tits who often invites me over to give opinions on her outfits – thankfully, we’re close, so it’s not like I sit on the couch and wait for her to change, I usually just hang out in her room and watch her disrobe and we chat for hours on end. We no longer fuck but she always shows her appreciation for my time with a tit-wank at the end (by which point after watching her for so long I’m throbbing and come in mere minutes). Point is she has a body a little more plump but similar to Elaina’s, and I can totally relate to this Scoreland scene – Elaina’s teaser video on the site however includes a nice little wank-moment at the end and I’ll be the first to say she has an absolutely wonderful orgasmic exasperation! “NNNnnngghhhhohhhh!!” WOW!

  • ccpony

    Load of shit. She’s not a 34 n-ything.