by Scoreland‘s own admission, it didn’t take long for Eva Notty to flip coin and go all hardcore on us! Not that I’m complaining, but I do agree there was always some delightful suspension or mystique to a lady who could captivate a large fan-base with only softcore or pussy-peeking photos that at most would be mildly penetrative (with toys, etc. – other Scoreland models that managed this mystique included Chloe, Linsey Dawn and Julia Miles as another favorite in my book). These days it doesn’t take long for a 34F hottie like Eva to say, “okay, I’m ready, let’s Fuck!” Of course, the circumstances have changed too, I don’t think it’s a purely time-based argument as Scoreland suggested. Women these days simply want to have more fun, and if by their standards “more fun” means fucking on film, the I say let’s have fun! I think the career path choices are more clear these days too. There are models such as Denise Milani who have managed for years on end to never even show a nipple, while models like Gianna Michaels dove right into the hardcore arena and never looked back. What I’m saying is I think women are more clear with what they want to get out of the “industry” and so they’re looking for a streamlined means to that end. Hopefully of course this doesn’t spell the end of Eva’s fucking on film, but only the beginning! And a great beginning it is: I’m having a hard time deciding between what I admire most, her blowjob skills or her reverse-cowgirl techniques and groans. And man, can she cum hard:

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(this preview is from a new series by Scoreland called First Fuxxx – the bedside manners of big boob fuxxxers for the first time on film!)