First off a big thanks to Ryan Erin for sharing this exclusive content with HiBoobs – I really think our readers will enjoy Ryan’s take on what is possible with his take on curve-influenced fantasy fiction. His text (sample below) is spot-on, combining the erotic with classic tribes of elves, pitting magic against carnal forces, and describing outfits in sexy detail. Then, as if that wasn’t plenty, he uses real-world big-bust models on the covers and throughout his Kindle-capable books for some really fantastic spreads (gallery below) – I mean this stuff is great! Over the decades I’ve always wondered why every female elf in every mainstream depiction of the fantasy beings is depicted…without tits! Now I can finally read – and see! – their form in boobtastic detail.


The models used are the perfect blend of sultry and fantastical – they’re arty, creative, expressive, and still slutty in all the right ways. You’ll recognize Goldie Blair and Larkin Love (god I lust for her!), along with cosplayer Sparrow Rayne, and their motley cast of bandits are lead by Emily Thorne, who you might recognize from sites like Zishy or Next Door Models (as Justine Parker) – Emily is the perfect, ideal choice to lead this series: a wonderful model, with beautiful bountiful breasts, whose hair brilliantly accents her elvish form (she’s perfect for the role!).

These are babes you’ve always lusted over, and if you’re a fan of fantasy or the realms of folklore & sultry possibilities, you will absolutely love the Naked Battle Elves series from Curvature Press!

The following text is the opening scene from Naked Battle Elves number 8. This should give potential readers of this fantasy fiction – who have a clever imagination for imagined elves & curvy “goblyns” – an idea of what to expect throughout the series – my blood got pumpin’ just reading this text!

“There she is,” Chyra whispered, pointing.
Across the cavern from them, a feminine figure crouched beside a deafening waterfall. Her black skin and curvy features were practically bursting from the thin garments of coin and chain that hugged her chest and waist. White hair was pulled into a knot on top of her head, framed by long, pointy ears. She was a deep elf, her name was Prasha, and she was examining the demon sword.
“Chyra,” whispered the green skinned girl by her side, “If she touches the bare metal of that sword…with her immortality…”
“I know, Gwyra,” Chyra replied to her. “Can you make sure she doesn’t get away up that far staircase?”
“I can,” the goblyn girl answered, gripping her copper staff.
“Good.” Chyra pulled an arrow from her scabbard – the belt it was attached to being the only clothing she had left. It was more than Gwyra had. They were both naked in the deep now, but that wasn’t about to slow Chyra down.
“One other thing,” she said to the green-skinned girl. “If, for whatever reason, we start…fucking…separate us. You understand?”
Gwyra raised an eyebrow. “I thought this witch was our enemy.”
“She is,” Chyra replied, pulling the arrow against her bow. “And hopefully, I’ll be able to remember that.”
She stood up and let the arrow fly.
It soared noiselessly through the cavern, masked by the sound of the falls.
Somehow, Prasha heard it anyway.
The deep elf rolled backward, dropping the massive sword, and whipped an arrow around to her own bow.
Chyra leapt into the cavern, racing on light feet toward her enemy.
Prasha’s bow twanged.
Chyra cart wheeled through the air as the arrow passed her, letting her own arrow fly. Prasha was tumbling as well, barely dodging Chyra’s shot.
Their previous duel had been one of hide and seek, sniping from cover, ultimately thwarted by Prasha’s manticore and Chyra’s lizardman. It had been a long time since Chyra had engaged in a straightforward duel with another elf of any kind on open ground, and with as fast as she and Prasha were firing, a single missed step would determine the loser.
Arrows from Prasha’s bow cut streaks of light through the darkness, or multiplied into several arrows at once.
Chyra’s were unhampered by magic, but they sailed true, only barely missing the deep elf each time.
Both flipped, spun and dodged, firing at will as Chyra closed the distance.
Prasha began to back up. Then, the deep elf realized that she couldn’t let the massive sword out of her sight again. A moment later, Chyra collided with her, elf on elf in a tangle of shapely limbs.
They grappled.
Fists collided with face and torso.
Arms and legs searched for holds and locks.
Chyra fought with everything she had, thrashing against her opponent’s firm black flesh, smelling her sweat and hair, and hearing her lyrical voice groan and gasp with every effort.
Hands groped.
Fingers clawed at belts and chains.
Prahsa’s jangling halter snapped apart, her enormous black breasts bursting out into the melee.
Soft flesh was in Chyra’s mouth as she sucked at engorged nipples.
Her white pussy straddled Prahsa’s black leg, sliding down its length.
Heavy breathing was in Chyra’s ear, followed by a hungry tongue and then a sharp gasp as Chyra’s fingers dove into the coin-mail efanwi and found Prasha’s wet pussy.
Strong hands spread Chyra’s ass, followed by desperate fingers as they plunged deep into her straining pussy.
Both cursed at one another, their voices straining with anger and sharp pleasure as they rolled across the cavern floor.
Chyra’s insides throbbed, longing to orgasm, unable to do so in the midst of the enchanted fucking.
“You can’t have the sword!” Prasha managed to get out between violent kisses.
“I’m not letting it go again!” Chyra hissed back, digging her teeth into Prasha’s neck.
“I’ll kill you if I have to…”
“I’ve been dying since I locked eyes on you at the Abynthine Wall…”
“I, as well…”
“I can’t get your skin out of my mind…”
“Oh, you fucking high elf…”
“Hurt me…”
“I’m going to cut your fucking head off…”
“Chew the fucking tits off your corpse…”
“And run you through like a fucking boar on that demon sword…”
“You fucking deep elf! What are you waiting for?!”
Prasha reached out, her hand wrapping around the ruby-studded hilt of the massive sword.
Prasha’s white eyes went wide as the demon took hold.
“Come to me!” Chyra screamed as her heart surged. “Fuck me, Uzael!”
Just then, a heavy copper shaft slammed down on Prasha’s black fingers with a thunderclap.
The deep elf screamed, releasing the sword in a blast of fire and lightning.
“NO!” Chyra cried, and turned to see Gwyra standing there, the gleam from the copper staff bathing the girl’s green skin in flickering light.
Chyra grabbed the staff, trying to get it away from Gwyra.
Gwyra clenched her teeth, finishing her invocation, “…I declare these bodies SUNDERED!”
A blast of magic split the room, and Chyra was knocked backward, flying far across the cavern, and plunging hard into the cold water under the falls.
The shock of icy water was only secondary to the blast of magic that had split her apart from the deep elf.
She kicked, trying to figure out which way was up.
When she finally surfaced, Chyra drew in a raspy breath. Every trace of the uncontrollable hunger she had felt for Prasha’s body had vanished. The madness that had seized her so totally had gone, and she looked around in fear, knowing that Uzael finally had an immortal body to take up residence in.
But there was no fire.
Prasha was not at the center of an inferno. There were no horns growing from her head, and she wasn’t lifting the sword to cut Gwyra down.
It was dark in the cavern, save for the light from Gwyra’s staff.
“What happened?!” Chyra shouted, climbing out of the water. “Where did she go?!”
“She’s here,” the goblyn girl replied.
Chyra struggled over to Gwyra on wet feet. “Be careful! She’s incredibly dang…”
Chyra stopped.
Prasha was huddled against the wall of the cavern, gripping her legs and trembling. Her eyes were wide with terror.
“What did you do?” Chyra whispered to the goblyn girl.
“I used the Staff of Sunder to sever the connection between her and the sword.”
“And it worked? How is that possible?”
“I don’t know. Maybe because she hadn’t pulled the blade from the scabbard yet? Maybe that’s the final action needed to secure the demon’s hold over its host? If so, it was just luck that I hit her in time.”
Chyra crept toward the trembling deep elf, raising an outstretched hand. “Prasha?”
The deep elf didn’t react to her.
“Prasha? Can you hear me?”
She touched the deep elf’s shoulder and Prasha screamed, leaping away and flailing her arms.
“Alright, alright…” Chyra backed off. “Alright…I’m not going to hurt you anymore…”
The deep elf murmured incoherently as she hugged at her own arms, staring around wildly at the cavern.
Chyra reached out with the grace of the Secret Star, touching Prasha’s faerie spirit. It was the same thing she had done to Gwyra, so much higher up in the dungeon above, and so long ago.
Prasha seemed to relax somewhat, her eyes steadying.
Chyra stepped in and put her arms gently around the deep elf’s trembling skin, pulling her in close.
“It’s over,” Chyra whispered to her. “It’s over.”
“I…” Prasha swallowed. “…I saw him…he looked at me…into my elven spirit…”
“He can’t get you now, Prasha. He’s trapped back in the sword.”
“…So much…fire…”
Chyra held her close.
Prasha’s arms wrapped around Chyra as well, and the two sank back to the cold floor.
Chyra stared back at Gwyra over locks of white hair. “How did you do it?”
“What do you mean?” Gwyra replied.
“How did you separate us?”
“It’s called the ‘Staff of Sunder.’ That’s what it does. It separates forces. It unbinds magic.”
“It broke our curse…I don’t feel the lust anymore…”
“Curse? What curse?”
Chyra ran a hand over Prasha’s hair. “It happened thousands of years ago…the Yeowyn-Yr-Hathyn. When high elves and deep elves cross paths, they’re seized with the overwhelming need to fuck each other. But it’s an enchanted lust that can’t be satiated, no matter how much sex…there’s no release from it…which is why it invariably ends with both elves fucking each other to death.”
“That’s horrible.”
Chyra nodded as she buried her chin in Prasha’s hair. “Just one more horrible turn to add to the pile.”
Across the cavern floor, the sword sat quietly.

leanne-crow-for-curvature-press-hiboobsdotcomAnd that’s just from book number 8. That means there are 7 slutty tit-les before this encounter even happens! Click here to begin downloading the series and enjoying some great big boob fiction with some really fantastical ladies!

Oh yeah, and next up, it’s Leanne Crow from Curvature’s War of the Necronomicon series – just kill me with boobs already!!

Thanks again to Ryan for not only sharing this exclusive content but writing it, editing it, and frankly bringing to life some fantasy fiction fantasies I’ve had percolating in my mind for many decades now!