Since I’m on something of a tear lately with my commentary on big boobs and social media (see my posts about Ms Vinyl Meow and Sophie Dee), I thought I might as well throw this one into the mix also!

Unfortunately, this isn’t an invitation!


It’s an acknowledgement of an event that just passed, this past weekend to be precise. I didn’t know about it until last night, when I stumbled upon a link to the twitpic (twitter pictures) account for Kayla Kleevage (here). Ahhh dang. Well, it’s not like I would have gone anyways, since I’m more than a few miles away, but I am curious if anybody out there did attend, and more-so if you’re willing to pass along any pictures you might have gotten? The invite says there was no video allowed but there was a staged area where the performers were taking photos with the crowd. The performers included some mightily stacked ladies, from all-natural to what?-natural: Kayla, Deja, Dee Dee Deluxe, Summer Lashay, Jeanetta Joy and Brandy Dean (whom I thought I had blogged about here before but I haven’t) and others. That’s over 100 lbs. in boobs, easily!

Well unfortunately even with the use of social media I was a few days late on this one. So this is a request to all you boob stars out there, if you have an upcoming event, let me know! I’d like to report as much boob news as possible – there are plenty of adult news sites that I filter through, but no one place that is wholly boob-centric. Let’s work together to promote your tits! LOL!

And likewise if anybody has any documentation of this event, send it my way!

  • jonathan

    I was in Vegas this past weekend and knew about it but couldn’t get away from my party. Sounded like fun though.

  • admin

    Were you at your own boobie party? Yeah, I’m hoping someone who reads this blog was there!