UPDATE: the above boober is Jessica Simpson from Major Movie Star (2008) – thanks everyone!

Typically my Friday Finds include one or two random shots of a topless amateur boober in the hopes of finding a treasure trove of more content. Return rate is in the single-digit percentage – shame. These two images however are clearly from more-mainstream sources, and I’m hoping someone out there recognizes them. The image above, her name is Valentine, and it looks like she just got conscripted. I’m sure there’s a news article somewhere! And the image below, I’m guessing it’s a still from a 70s film, but if I knew what film I wouldn’t be guessing. TGIF!

  • a fan

    Dude the first one is Jessica Simpson

  • Lance

    first one is jessica simpson from “private valentine” straight to dvd film.

  • Anonymous

    Duuuude, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Much more helpful, thanks Lance.