Another installment of Friday Finds is already upon us? Shiiiiiit. Well you know the deal, if you recognize the unfamiliar faces tits above and below, then feel free to enlighten the rest of us naive perverts with your wisdom. Leave a message in the comments! In particular, the woman below is an absolute whopper, with her super-firm tits and nipples always pointing upright to the ceiling! All wet and shiny on the shower floor, I can already hear the squeaky sounds of our skins sliding together, our environment a total full-body lubricant.


  • I think they are both called “Just My Type” :-D

    Sorry, no other ideas.

  • jalvaren

    the girl below is francine dee… you should check the hip hop honey video where she appears… is awesome!

  • admin

    Francine Dee, really? The face doesn’t look like her, but then again I’m not too familiar with what Francine looks like from the side. I’ll give it another look. Thanks fellas!

  • bob @ boob

    it’d be great to find the owner of that first pair. that pink & yellow bikini is a porn fave.

  • admin

    @bob@boob: hahah! good call! you definitely know your porn outfits.