Last week’s Friday Find was FAIL. Even with a distinguishable tattoo no one jumped at the opportunity to enlighten us all to the name of a well-stacked redhead (help us solve this mystery!). Oh well! I’m hoping by offering 3 pairs of tits (multiply by two for total number of breasts) this week that the keen boob sleuths among you out there will be able to identify at least one of these lovely ladies:

looks like an arty or advertising stylized shoot, still, every model has a Name.

judging by the rings she could just be someone’s wifey or she could be the next girl next door to blow up!

there’s not enough cock-sucking around these parts lately, and clearly anything explicit like this is by a semi-pro lady; take that technique, putting one’s arm underneath her own bosom in order to push them forward and up, that’s for your and my benefit. Clearly she knows what she’s doing. Could be a popular model but I can’t tell from this angle.

  • Hatchetwound

    Last pic is Amanda white

  • admin

    Hatchet, do you know a scene or movie name? would like to see more of her, always. thanks.