I know how well-versed my audience is in the art of boob sleuthing, you’ve done it before! We’ve tracked down Russian BBW honies, Latina one-hit-wonders and the like. This face I’m certain is familiar to someone. I’m certain also the angle of the photograph makes her breasts appear larger than they actually are, side-view mirror style and all, but still it’s an impressive shot, and a nugget I’m waiting for someone else to identify.


Here’s a more traditional boob find, she certainly appears as though she wants to be a performer for my big screen (it’s not that big to be honest). And yes, you can tell I’m something of an old-hardware dork, as I spot the box radio with big knobs in the background, bedside. Hey, my eyes were following the curve of her rump, it was a little hard to not notice.


  • ChromeGuy
  • admin

    yup, good spot. I admit I have the most difficulty remembering blondes. it’s not as if Hannah isn’t totally effing HOT, I just don’t recognize her right off the bat. I liked her few scenes with Brazzers last year but that’s about all I know from her. thanks ChromeGuy!