Please, someone tell me these aren’t the only two photos of this bird on the net. Even if it’s not true, someone just tell me they’re not! This girl is clearly distinguishable, not only from her GG-cup (my guess) boobs, but her symmetrical cherried-hearts tattoos where her ovaries would be approximately located. I’d love to see these tits from below, that is on top of me. She might not even know I was there, her tits blocking her view!

  • beer_jedi

    that scar w/ the bump under it on her upper left chesticle is a pacemaker. Might make the search easier…prob had it a long time. Lemme know what the search yields.

  • admin

    good detective work beer_jedi. I spotted the scar but couldn’t reckon what it was for. I will keep you posted of my findings!

  • richredman