Okay okay so I haven’t quite yet got around to posting the way I promised! I’m still unpacking and it seems that upon my return to my apartment that several of my house appliances have decided to call it quits, but only after I returned; in other words they were working for 24-48 hours after I got back and then suddenly … fzzzzzptt! So replacing them has taken some time.

Regardless, today is a Friday, and so I am obliged to post a Friday Find. I forget where I stumbled upon these two images of this one girl, but man she is seriously stacked, and seriously fit. I would love for her to pull this move – arms up, locked behind her head – while riding me. I can imagine her on top, but sort of laying on my chest, and then suddenly pausing, and simultaneously raising up and stretching her arms back, protruding her bountiful bosom right into my sight. I’d reach up and give a quick fondle, but then I’d grab her waistline, raise her up on my cock slightly, then just start pounding away from below, enjoying the view of her breasts bouncing all over the place while absorbing the kinetic energy of my thrusting cock.

The style of these images remind me of American Apparel’s advertising, but I haven’t a clue who she is really. If anyone out there has a lead, do tell!