Friday Finds: Katie’s Heavy Naturals – but Katie Who?

Strike this up as another ‘gosh darnit I know I’ve seen her before somewhere else’ but I can’t place where. I have the name of Katie on file, but Katie who? Or is Katie even her real name?

I used to work with a babe with a near-identical figure and face – for the life of me I can’t even recall her name now – one summer we were working the night shift (4pm-midnight) together and having a good laugh, before I swooped in first with a kiss, then with some heavy fondling – one thing lead to another and it was all her, she lifted her shirt and boob-dropped her natural Ds grabbed my head from behind and plowed me into her pillowtits – sad to say it didn’t go further than that, not then or ever again, with her covering up, fearful of the ‘impropriety,’ but not before I got an absolutely face-full of those titties!! She looked just like this honey – and yet I cannot remember her name – 20+ years will do that I guess.