Friday Finds: MILFy Droopers, I Wanna See Mawr!!

It’s still Friday somewhere – so this series is still on time! This blurred-face MILFy boober has an amazing pair of droopers, with some pretty persistent nips if you haven’t already noticed. I mean those things are looking to bust out! Unfortunately there is not more of her out there that I’m aware of. But, taking a closer look at the image you can see a clothes-drying rack outside of what appears to be a RV or campervan of sorts. So I’m guessing this couple had “fun” while on vacation – alluding that there must be more shots out there, even if it’s just of her drying laundry! (Wouldn’t mind getting a glimpse of the boulder holder for those baps y’know!)


And just to drive home the point, this is what I’m talking about!


Good lord I just wanna suck on those things for days!!