I’m curious if this shoot-n-drink fest went anywhere after these shots were taken? Although I’m just as perturbed by the images as I am intrigued by them: “chocolate is for fat people” – WTF? And my kitchen is tiny too but… anyhow I’m getting off-topic. I really want to stay on-topic: TITS! She appears to have some heavy hooters and I’d love to see this devilish costume… taken OFF.

  • Marty Smarty

    Im perturbed by how many people cant say I’m sorry for calling and incriminating you for compliments. Why cant the war against compliments end now?

  • Underdog

    Shes comely and her cleavage is framed nicely in that black brassiere and red sleeveless shirt. They should have had a movement for the abolition of the socalled pester “sexual” law. War against compliments, should not have one.