In case you weren’t following the comments thread, also back in February I reported on some pictures of this unknown boober who frankly, I WANT! Low-res and all, I’d like to show her a good time. But thanks to HiBoobs reader Mr Magic for bringing to my (and now your!) attention the videos of this stunning amateur whopper. Wowee!

  • Valitseja

    Good grief! I’ve seen a bunch of videos, but this is the kind I’ve been hoping to see for years. Especially in the second one, she must really enjoy massaging her boobs; it must feel wonderful.
    Thanks, ever so much, for posting this! I don’t remember any from Milena or Nadine, as good as they are, that turned me on like these two.

    The first one is rather dark; use VLC Media Player. Select Tools -> Effects and Filters -> Video Effects, and enable them (check box). Boost Gamma and Contrast to make up for lack of light.

    As for me, of all I’ve seen, there are only a couple of videos I’d rank with this one; one is on DDFB, Katerina Hartlova and Joana doing boob massage and lots of other kinds of boob fun.

    The other is Alix Lakehurst putting in a little vibrator while riding commuter rail. She goes to orgasm, but /has/ to remain silent, even though the rαilroad car is just about deserted. When her O gets intense, she leans forward and looks almost ready to lose her lunch at one point.

  • admin

    awesome in-depth analysis Valitseja! However, I’d enjoying massaging her boobs MUCH more! loL