Last week’s Friday Find resulted in a somewhat disappointing comment thread, as myself and many others still eagerly await the links to two supposed videos of that amateur boober. For those who don’t know, I try my darnedest to upload a picture or two (or however many I have, but usually it’s that few) every Friday around noontime in some timezone, of an unknown-to-me boober, whom I otherwise have no other information about. I rely on you, my fellow breast fetishists, to inform the community of the whereabouts of said boober, or any additional content of her (specifically, her bosom). So, without further adieu, here we go again!

This week’s boober is – well fuck it you get the point! She’s thin, she’s stylish, and best of all her tits are too big for a hand bra! These photos are of especially high quality, and she has that look about her that would suggest there might be other photosets of her floating around this Internet of mine. So any leads, leave a comment, and thanks!