Classic pinup icon, social media savvy entrepreneur, and all-around world-class babe Lorna Morgan (heck, even PinupFiles can’t help but label her “Huge Tits Lorna Morgan” with those 30JJ naturals of hers) inspects her refrigerator’s contents, talks about Welsh foodie bits, happy-food rich pudding, acquired tastes, and loving foreign foods. Really nice looking jars on the inside door there – spreads and jams that really amplify any meal. And of course she has a succulent accent that I can listen to forever – describing food with British adjectives like “gorgeous”, and she really is a “proper strawberry girl” (you’ll have to watch the whole video to get that one, OH MY GOD!!):

  • ca uk

    great clip and love it when the snoopies come out.. great when she squashes those cans together..

  • tstportal

    I love her so much!