I woke up with a call to arms for identifying an unknown boober, so I thought it only appropriate to close out my evening (I’m heading to the pub now with me mates – yes, on a Sunday, yes, we’re alcoholics!) with another call, who is she:

This is a pair of tits the type I look forward to spending many an evening with: firm, upright, dense, on a slender form with longer-than-average arms and legs, that retro hairstyle and seductive smile, her rump kicked back slightly from her own tip-toe stance, a flat stomach which only exaggerates her bust, which I put at a 36D. Like my previous post, this one was found on a Russian blog also, which is only making me realize how much big boob porn is out there that I’ll likely never, really, know about. Maybe you do, if so, please leave a comment with info!

And yes, there’s a bit more of her: