I hope everyone is seeing as many tits this week as they should be!

I write this post ahead of time, and schedule it for Fat Tuesday, knowing that between the Friday night before and the morning of Ash Wednesday I’ll have hopefully drank my body weight in alcoholic beverages, marched in the streets with some costumed mates, and got busy with a friend traveling to town from the Land of Lincoln (she’s more than up front about what she wants me to do with her while she’s staying with me, I appreciate her frankness and honesty). At the stroke of midnight between Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday plans are to be on the dance floor. Thus I’m attempting to schedule as many posts as possible, since I can’t say when I’ll return here between my itinerary of hangovers and my job (thankfully I have an agreement with my employer that any tradition involving carnival – costumes, marching bands, floats, boobs for beads – they’ll just have to suffer with me through it, and I’ll make up any lost time later).

This is that time of year when Boobs Rule, and everybody admits – finally! – to their fascination with the mammary glands. I’m certain to always have a slew of beads around my neck, you wouldn’t believe how straightforward the exchange is!

The corset strapped tight, but allowing everything room to breathe and bounce accordingly! I love some painted boobs.

The venerable Danni Ashe and her 32FFs out in the wild!



Mom and Daughter tag team? That’s hot but there’s larger competition out there!


If only!


A most excellent necklace, complete with flashing boobs! Expensive no doubt, the kind you’d have to give to a really deserving pair, something worth everybody’s while:


Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

  • some guy

    holy shit! who is the one with all the beads and muscle shirt on? her tits are INSANE!!!

  • admin

    yeah wish I could tell ya. She’s a cutie too.