While I’m still getting back on my feet and deciding where and how (and if) to move forward with everything swirling around, I hope everyone had a great Halloween last week and as usual I love seeing all the halloboobs shots that trickle in over time. Here are some of my favs. You’ll find some movies, some pornstars, and quite possibly your neighbor gone wild:

Swashbooblers seemed to be a big theme among the big boobed:

From the 2012 un-hit Strippers vs Werewolves – the one with the bewbs is Lucy Pinder.

And who wouldn’t want to Trick-and-Titfuck Claudia Marie‘s melon-sized slave-Leia melons, chain or no chain:

IT manager by day, Latex Kittie by night, and she really went popular recently for this stormboober outfit:

Did you see Nicki Minaj’s costume? Dyaaaaamn!!!

Always popular with the tittytastic ladies, Janessa Brazil also sported the slave-Leia costume complete with nipple chain.

Latex just seems to fit well with Halloween tits for some reason, and no one does it better than Canadian boober Bianca Beauchamp (and her tits!).

Meanwhile, seen on the streets:

And one final showing of tits, because. Just because. That’s Polish megaboober Ewa Sonnet acting out her skimpy version of Little Red Riding Hood – oh how I want to be the wolf in that scene!

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    great to have you back friend I look forward to more posts

  • Quirtist

    Welcome back, we’ve missed you! Some gorgeous tits in that selection….

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    Welcome back!