Still catching up to a backlog of content about as extensive as everything I’ve posted to date (!), I stumbled upon this stunner simply known as Lizzy, who has a knack for Public Flashing – as she makes her way through an auto-repair shop, a renovating house, and some parking lot area among other places. Has she appeared anywhere else? Or is she destined to have simply made this one appearance and then vanquished to the HiBoobs archives? I hope not, because she has a no holds barred limit to her exhibitionism – you can even see actual plebians in the backgrounds of some of her images, staring, gossiping, gawking. I know I would, then I’d walk up and ask if I could cop of feel of her big round boulders! (I have a suspicion she wouldn’t mind!)


  • T Man

    I’ve never seen her before, but she is smoking hot!

  • admin

    yeah that’s the thing with these “flasher” sites, you never seen before, never see again… shame, she is hot!