You haven’t, but you wanna! She’s terribly shy so what we all need to do is head over to Cosmid and encourage her! Encourage her girl-next-door beauty, her perfectly plump form, her smile and of course her whopping all-natural tits! Good lord unleash those puppies already! Does she have barbell piercings? Does she have a tattoo somewhere, obscured currently? Is her pussy shaved? There’s only one way to find out! Join Cosmid!

Man I can’t get enough of big tits in sweats you know. Something about how they’re obscured, but you know they’re there, then suddenly BAM they’re whipped out and I’m hard as granite. I think my favorite photo of Elizabeth might be the one of her from behind leaning over, her big ass stretching her sweatpants to the limits, her visibly heavy breasts weighing down within her shirt, that look in her eyes, or eye rather since her hair obscures the rest of her face. I just want to walk up from behind, slip myself in, give the ol’ reach around and twist her neck around and kiss her pretty face while I fuck the night away.