Former Danni Girl (June 2009) and 34DD blonde babe stunner Heather Summers has entered the Boob Arena with the launch of her very own website! People say there is a recession going on but there appear to be more new model websites launching than ever before. And this 26-year-old Canadian living in Arizona can’t be the only one with an audience, so things must be looking up! Heather has her thing down too: the hyper-blonde hair matches up perfectly with her Arizona-tanned skin, and she has this thing about spitting on her own nipples and rubbing the liquid around in such a way that gets me every time! I admit this isn’t actually my favorite set from her website – there’s another of her wearing some glasses that is dyn-OH-mite! – but I chose it to introduce her because I thought the black outfit and red panties also blended best with her skin (and my blog design! lol!):