I don’t do end-of-year wrap-ups but as we approach the end of the 2011 year one thing that has been recurring in my mind a lot this year is: girlfriends, self-shots, heavy tits, and the viral nature of the Internet. In particular I’m thinking about sites like GF Melons and other places that are repositories and archives of ex-girlfriends or current girlfriends looking for a bit of net-tease. The question I constantly find myself asking is, “Haven’t they learned!?” I mean seriously who these days takes provocative naughty pictures of themselves and thinks they WON’T show up on my website – loL! But seriously, a co-worker of mine used to have this media computer at his home, and it was completely disconnected from the ‘net. No browser, no YouTube, no TCP/IP of any kind. Just content. That made sense (not per this argument, but it’s own type of sense). But when a girl with perky heavy titties like this babe from GF Melons wants to know what her ass looks like in the mirror, fine, take a photo. And then delete it once your mind has taken into account the ‘evidence’ – otherwise it’s mine! Of course some girls want this, I get it, but there are many who don’t, and it surprises me if that was really the case then turn off your auto-upload to iCloud or Facebook photo function or, SURPRISE, once it’s online it’s forever online!