Oh boy have I got a treat in store for you! (Smoothie, this one’s for you!)

If you haven’t already heard of Hitomi Tanaka’s breakthrough from swimsuit glamour model into the hardcore arena, then I truly hope this post will completely wet your appetite and serve as a virtual Xmas present from me to you. We absolutely need this lady doing more hardcore, she’s far too good for it to be restricted to bikini-clad beaches and studio prop shots. In fact word coming out of Japan is that this J-cup sensation has already shot enough content to satisfy the first quarter of ’09, and with the stirs she’s causing it can only get better! What’s that? How do you measure up a J-cup? Well, according to this online bra converter, the algorithm converts Hitomi to a staggering 42H American size bra! That H surely stands for HUUUUUGE!

Thank god the fine folk over a JList have picked up numerous copies of Hitomi’s original hardcore AV debut on region-free DVD, and more importantly are able and willing to ship to the US and other international places! Finding Hitomi’s developing catalog in the US has to be more frustrating than the Japanese tendency to censor their own genitals on film (a whole another argument!). Meanwhile, you kyonyu lovers really should see this girl fuck. I mean, my lord! Her oh! face, the look in her eyes, her mouth-watering cock-craving oral skills, she clearly enjoys her labors:

Hitomi’s breasts getting groped moments before her hardcore debut!

In the introductory scenes to the DVD one already gets the impression this will be a fun ride, that is as soon as the devil stick enters the frame and starts poking Hitomi’s boob from the side! And more importantly she starts laughing and making the most of her scenes:

This DVD is top-notch! Over 2 solid hours of Hitomi time! The final hardcore scene being the one I concentrated on in the thumbnails above, as her top comes off, her breasts finally exposed, and she gets well-fondled by her partner. There’s plenty of reciprocal oral action in this scene as well, but what really matters here is the fucking, and Hitomi’s expressions in particular, and her moaning & groaning – oh yes, she’s a moaner!

But what’s really impressive about Hitomi and her on-screen fucking is her off-screen efforts to keep the hype alive, her contact with her fans, and her damn-near prolific efforts at blogging! That’s right, this 22-year-old Japanese idol has produced nearly as many posts about her travels, her days off and her hardcore launch and aftermath in five months than I have about the entirety of metaboobs in nearly a year! Of course I can’t understand a word, or a symbol rather, but the animated gifs, emoticons and images – many shot by Hitomi herself – tell her story. A selection of my favorite images for your enjoyment – they show that Hitomi is a visibly animated person, very up-beat, has her own trademarked “V”-finger gesture, and works tirelessly to satisfy big boob fanatics the world over:

One of the best-kept secrets of the boob-blogosphere, go visit Hitomi’s blog! Then go pick up a copy of her AV Debut or better yet her first fuck on the beach! JList also have lots of other great Japanese gifts.

(A story: I’ve dated a F-cup Japanese girl before, which was easily some of the most-amazing sex I’ve had. The shape of her eyes, the plumpness of her lips, the tone of her skin contrasted against the pink of her pussy – which was tight! – and those incredible DD/F breasts I’ll never forget. One of her favorite past-times was to sit me on a couch or bed’s edge and give me some of the slowest and wettest blowjobs I’ve ever received, non-stop for hours on end. If I ever tried to get up or change the pace she would slam one hand on my chest and force me to relax! Then, suddenly, she’d raise up and grab her firm and humongous breasts and envelope my cock inside, my cock well-lubed from her saliva. She’d go from 0-60 in no time flat and know that she could make me explode – including this one time that she gave way just as I was about to come, opting instead to grab hold of my cock with one hand and fondle my balls with the other, while I grabbed one of her breasts with my left hand, and I’ll never forget the image of my come shooting nearly 3 feet high into the air and the smile that put on her face!)