As we turn the page on yet another year and the decades of my memory become farther and farther apart, if there’s one thing I simply cannot ever get enough of, it’s looking at retro & vintage pictures of naked women – yup. Especially of the big boob variety, because while heavy handfuls seem a dime a dozen these days, the bodies of yore were much thinner and slender, and when on occasion they were also stocked with TIT it makes me absolutely giddy. Case in point is the final image below, the artful nude posing spread-eagled and putting her hair up – if anyone has a name on this retro stunner, please, inform me.

  • Hornball

    Sorry mate, that last one is not vintage at all, it’s from 2006. Photog is Craig Morey, model’s name is Natalie – see more here:

  • Anonymous

    thanks Hornball – I had a suspicion that one wasn’t so vintage, darn! I like that you know your photographers too – respect!