I’ve been investigating How to Play with Boobs (aka how to Toy with Tits) for many years now. I’m of a certain age where I can say it’s been a dominant part of my life! Decades++! I’ve grabbed a lot of bosoms, felt up a lot of chests, and cupped many boobs with my two fives. It’s one of my specialties – word travels fast in some circles! There’s an art to it however, and I started young. I’ve found many techniques I like, some which even the women I’m with say they’ve never had that much fun before – the other fellas out there are letting me down, but also creating opportunity for me! While some are greater than others, this is a very good approach, a preferred method of my own, that this boobs journalist conducts on Jade Parker and her 38H naturals while interrogating her about said naturals. It is, I’d say, a respectable method, and you get the most of the breasts while enjoying some unique top-down perspectives – which don’t translate to this face-on camera angle, so you’ll just have to experiment for yourself!