I’m almost positive I remember Raylene’s boobs. Yes, these were them. One of those pairs of boobs that were so big at the time you thought they must be fake – but weren’t! And at 35D they’re a HiBoobs-first, even though they’re nearly two decades old, if not older (and I’ve been blogging for a good 24 months now!). But specifically it’s as if I have a vague memory of flipping through the glossy paged magazine that had these Raylene photos printed – and now thanks to the monumental archives over at Pornstar Legends (where all of your and my favorite pre-net boobies are on file) I can relive those memories, sans sticky pages!

  • Ryan

    I remember Reylene too. She was one of my faves. Beautiful and all natural.

  • Ryan

    Celeste was also a favorite of mine.

  • admin

    yes Celeste was another boober from that era that was quite fascinating. I’ll see if I can’t pin down some retro content with her soon!

  • Ryan


  • This girl has the perfect set of boobs.