Miss Intrigue might very well be the best thing of 2009 – a last-minute entry to the annals of Big Boob history in this first decade of the 21st century. In addition to her amazing all-natural 30J assets, Miss Intrigue is an amazing personality and person. She maintains amazing contact with her fans and with this blogger in particular – so Miss Intrigue, I thank you for your friendship and constant willingness to talk, it proves you’re a really genuine lady! As for the tits, let’s face it, these breasts are one of a kind. Their size, their erect nipples, their sheer weight and density (when she leans forward), their “as big as your head” factor. Miss Intrigue is like my Xmas present to myself!


  • this is awesome! oh, and she is, too :)

  • Ryan

    She gets my vote for the best “things” of 2009!

  • admin

    way to use my words against me Ryan! hah.
    I meant best emerging model!

  • Ryan

    We know what you mean. Either way she wins. Well, really, we win! :)

  • Yanek

    I love boobs

  • admin

    @Yanek, dude tell me about it.