Turkey eh? Must make Fenerbahçe fans proud! I know I’d be happy to cheer alongside Sian and her big natural knockers – trying to watch the field with one eye while watching her boobs jiggle with the other (don’t try this, I have, it gives you headaches). Nice colors too. When it comes to soccer, sorry, football, I like the high-contrast jerseys: checkers, bright colors, bold stripes – totally the way to go. And Sian models it beautifully, especially with that skrumped pair of underpants, very nice touch – not sure if that was her idea or Cosmid’s, but it’s brilliant really! I only wish there was such a sport as Boobcer or Boobball where, when they scored, they pulled their jerseys over their heads and showed their big boobs and did a little celebration dance – now that sport I’d watch!