This scene featuring the Polish blonde boober Ines Cudna is actually probably as old as this blog. What’s more amazing – borderline sacrilege even – is that I’ve never even mentioned Ines Cudna and her stunning 42F naturals on this blog before! Shame on me. Because as she demonstrates in this HD video from DDF Busty where she basically pets and fondles a Rolls Royce (even making out with the hood ornament!) is that she’s the type of girl you just want to watch for hours on end. The way she moves, and her cursory glances with her glassy eyes. But all the while you just can’t get your eyes off her prominent nipples! My lord those things are perky! And then she very casually starts exposing her pussy, petting it, rubbing it, and then suddenly BAM it’s right there in front of you, her moves are so smooth. She’s disappeared from my radar as of late, which is why I’m looking back in time at this, one of my favorite scenes of her.

  • Ryan

    She is absolutely fantastic! That’s a great oldie for sure!