Honestly I like my whole ‘introducing’ series – I should actually collect them into a series! I mean, you can’t know ’em all right!? So my hope is that someone else reading also goes, “WOW!” when they see one of these ladies for the first time. Anri Okita is one of those ladies for me, and Asians not named Fuko or Hitomi are tough for me to fap to because I get lost in the whole gravure/AV model sphere, I just can’t keep track. I even remember when I first saw Fuko and I thought, “That’s nice.” But then when I tried to find more of her it was like sifting through lines of foreign code, when all I really wanted was a name of those big foreign boobs. I guess this isn’t any better really. Sex Asian 18 where I stumbled upon Anri is a monolithic database of Japanese models – exactly what I’m all riled up against. I guess the point then is that the ‘diamond in the rough’ theory is true – but more-so for me, something that’s hard to explain or disproves my own love-hate relationship with the gravure-sphere, is that Anri reminds me of my own… Midori. That means Green in Japanese – that was the first thing I learned about her, the second was she had perky nipples on some big double-D cup breasts. I’ve had the personal pleasure, and can attest it’s becoming the norm in Japanese girls these days ;)