The name ‘Anri’ must mean ‘pleasant face with big boobs’ in Japanese; or perhaps ‘Girl Who Without Boobs Would Be Under 100lbs’ given how weird the Japanese are with naming things sometimes. I say this because the only other Japanese Anri I know also has more-than-a-handful of boobage. Alas this Anri does not do topless, so you’ll just have to imagine. And it’s not like she might transition into ‘the biz’ as other Japanese boobers like Hitomi have done – because Anri Sugihara has been doing this for going on a decade for print and online publication, so it’s safe to say she’s settled in. And more so she looks extremely comfortable as-is, no need to change what works. I mean, no need to change, as longs as the tits are HUGE! And being Japanese they measure up differently, so Anri scales in at an incredible 35G natural!