An astounding 6 six ago I blogged about Annina Ucatis at the Sexy Soccer championship. I thought that was a one-off event but of course where there’s hype -or tits! – there’s marketing, where there’s marketing there’s money to be made, and so this event is somewhat annual now even, or at least more frequent than I originally thought. So it was in 2014 when that edition rolled around and little to my surprise there was another gargantuan-boobed participant, only this one I didn’t recognize.


Once I realized this was a boobtastic production, with its own full-on website and everything, I clicked through.

Browsing through to the ‘player’ profiles that’s when I saw Ceetzie by name. First thought was oh boy she is a slut for sure! Loving that hair, those tattoos increasing in number, and of course her chestacular upgrade. Her ‘casting’ video for 2014 used to be on Vimeo but got taken down apparently due to TITS being too popular for their stream. Did anyone manage to grab that video? URL 95105633.

Anyhow she’s out there, and she’s out there big, and she is big…chested! Mostly her presence online centers around her German-language domain/s. She has a ‘.tv’ channel and also some other 90s-design-looking website; a Twitter account with a mere one image, directing people instead to her ‘webcam fanpage’ – at least there she shares photos.

Of which here’s a small progression of her over the years, from her earlier days before her ‘upgrade’:

And a selection of her 2014 games appearance:

She’s something of a back-alley blowjob artist too and you search you might finnd trace of that – perhaps it’s still on her website (I was a member long ago).

An all-around happy-to-show-you slut, definitely the kind that you know one when you see one!