Of German-Italian heritage, Charlie Mancini is all-American bred, operating out of cities Chicago, Indy, and Milwaukee – doesn’t get more middle-American than that! And she knows it, and wholly embraces her Midwestern identity. Still yearning to be more mainstream famous, Charlie is about as smart as they come to both her art and her outreach. She maintains one of the more comprehensive Model Mayhem profiles you’ll ever find, rattling off clients and credits of collaborators that show her willingness to wholeheartedly pursue her passions as a model. And she does it well – it’s not all networking, she’s actually got “it”. From cosplay to suggestive nudes to lingerie to just damned good-looking portraiture, Charlie is an all-around winner. Not to mention she then flips your perception of her on its head when you find out she produces her own Clips 4 Sale videos ranging from bondage to tag-team titty action to smoking fetish – I mean damn, this girl does it all!

Oh yeah and she’s fucking hot! I love her neckline. Whether she’s twisting her body and looking back at the camera, or more especially when she’s glancing the other way, I just want to kiss and peck her neck, to listen and feel how she reacts to a passionate suckle of her skin. Her lips give her a great smile but also have that seductive capability even when she’s expressionless. Those crystalline brown eyes, big and prominent, pulling me in. All wrapped up in a 34-27-36 frame with double-D natural breasts. Honestly more models would do good to look at Charlie and learn from her techniques, her attitude, and intelligence. Did I mention she’s fucking HOT!?!

Read her interview at Chulo Magazine.


    beautiful woman

  • ca uk

    nice,, fucking ass on it in pic 4 of the catsuit!!!!!!!!