Japanese glam-boober sensation and Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week at the end of April, 2008, Chelsea Co is quite easily the ‘smallest’ boober in our Introducing series, measuring up at a plentiful but slim 32DDD (did I mention she’s Japanese!?). The video below probably best highlights at points her plentiful bosom, when she’s ‘hands free’ and the curve of her breasts can be spied poking out from the jacket she has on, their wobble visibly apparent and giving nod to their true size and weight (god I love writing about tits!). You’ll also find her at places like Showgirlz Exclusive and other ‘glam’ modeling sites, alas, never topless sorry – yes, she’s one of ‘those’ types of models (thus I wasn’t surprised to find out her fanclub is hosted by the same company that represents Wendy Fiore and previously Denise Milani – go figure!).

  • xanstrom

    she had a website a few years ago, but closed it down.

  • xanstrom

    and p.s.

    there’s plenty of topless of her around, its just hard to find. she did topless for playboy too.

  • Anonymous

     That’s good to know – I was not aware of her PB appearance. Thanks!