There’s a wealth of content out there. An absolute wealth of erotica in particular, by some truly wonderful photographers. I mostly blog here about sponsor oriented content, and realize that that model isn’t my only interest (I hear ya Scandy Man!). I like all things boobs! This includes silly youtube clips, interviews with models, news of nuance, and passing sites of interest. I’ve also been struggling with distinguishing content here versus at my new tumblr, and have concluded that it simply doesn’t matter: both sites have a particular audience, and they both work! I don’t want to cross-post too much, but realize it’s a two-way tube, this Internet of mine, and it’s my mission to shed light on as many bosoms as possible!

I introduce you to DStudio, the studio website of a Russian photographer by the name of DenNisCo. Of course I can’t read Russian so I can’t begin to tell you anything about them really, but they have some lovely ladies in their agency and some really fantastic breasts worth gawking at. And that’s the point really, there are so many ladies to look at, the dominant western markets aren’t the only ones catering to pervs like me. Be sure to stop by here often for your non-standard niche booberific content – I hope you enjoy looking as much as I do.