Enough with the size-5s and wannabe swimsuit models – give me some flesh damnit! I want BIG everything: butt, boobs, and body! Meet Fuhrer Blue – not sure (other than her hair color – it’s just a coincidence that my links are blue-colored) why that’s her name, but she’s thicky thick and I likey like! In fact, while I’m inclined towards her big bosom, I’m equally if not more-inclined towards her big bottom – perhaps it’s the way her ass cliff-hangs out over her thighs when she bends over, because she has so much to offer ;)

Blue clearly wants the attention, and the financial rewards that go along with it – my only criticism of her approach to her fans and her career aspirations is that her GFund photos and video sets add up to over $400. For that cost, not that I would pay, but for that cost I should be able to actually lay her in Nevada – Moonlite BunnyRanch anybody!? Or look at it like this – no one pays $400 to be a member at a website for a day. Just saying.